Growing Years School

Growing Years School is a small non-profit preschool in Basalt, Colorado. Established in 1988, Growing Years has provided excellent early childhood education longer than any other preschool in Basalt. With the curriculum focused on learning through play, children are encouraged to grow and explore.
Rated level 4 & 5 by Colorado Shines!

Our Goal

The goal at GYS is to help young children make sense of the world. The intention is to provide a comfortable environment—one which is more home-like than school-like, creating an enthusiasm for learning, while developing good citizens.

Our Philosophy

GYS exemplifies a high-quality, developmentally oriented program, delineating the best knowledge about how children grow and learn, providing for each child individually. In recognition that the arts are a basis of intellectual development, the program is rich in music, movement, visual and literary arts, and covers the rudiments of all disciplines from “astronomy to zoology.” GYS is a school where a child can become self-confident and self-disciplined; where the child & individual talents and strengths are developed; where home and school cooperate; and where staff is open to learning, using observation and non-judgmental recording as a basis for program planning, implementation and assessment.

Our Vision

“We envision a world of children who are self-confident, self-disciplined, and enthusiastic about learning.”